Architects & Engineers

Thank you for considering our product for your next project. Swedge Lock is the quality product you can specify and know that you are requesting the best aluminum fence and hand railing on the market today. This product is totally mechanical which means no welds to degrade the integrity of the aluminum, also no exposed screws to take away from the aesthetics, and a cost savings for ease of production versus a welded product. Since 1993 Swedge Lock has been offering many features not offered by most of our competitors, like five different continuous top caps, decorative pinstripe on any rail, french curve pickets in two styles, and plastic rings internally fastened,  not screwed on with welded brackets. 

If strength is a concern you can see our latest testing of a 8ft Juliet balcony being installed on a project in Nashville, TN, not only did it pass all building code requirements but we had them take it to the limit. At 2150 lbs of force a miter joint finally failed, a true test of the strength and durability of a Swedge Lock Aluminum Railing System. Over the years this product has been installed on many multi family developments including 20 story high rise condominiums. Since our product is custom built for every job, the sky is the limit to the potential styles we can produce, any color, any height, any style, call us if you have any questions or need any drawings.